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Let us show you how window perf can be a great addition to your marketing plan.

Windows are a perfect canvas as a means of advertising for your company. However, the key is creating art on them that doesn’t impede visibility from the other direction. You want your audience to see it, but when you look out from your store or vehicle, you must have visibility.

Window Perf in United States

In the United States, it is typically required to have 50/50 visibility in an automobile and 70/30 visibility for storefront windows. At IPS Perforating, Inc., we can help you create window perf, also known as perforated window film, that meets these requirements while being a valuable part of your marketing plan.

While the graphics are an important part of your window perf, so is the pattern. You can choose from more than 80 predesigned patterns, or we can create a window perf design that interests you. With most of our patterns, we can create window perf up to 62”, and we have others that can perforate up to 78” and 104” wide. We’ll go over everything before you ship your window film to us so that you know exactly what to expect. You are also free to send us a sample piece of material that we will perforate with the chosen design so you can be sure you like it before committing your larger graphic to the process.

We work with businesses of all kinds, including companies that offer window film for their automotive and storefront customers. You can differentiate yourself from other businesses by having a unique option they are sure to love.

Whether you install window film installation, have a company with storefronts, or own a business with a fleet of vehicles you want to turn into mobile marketing potential, reach out to us today to learn more about our window perf services. You can usually have your window perf ready for you to install in under two weeks from the time we receive your window film.

At IPS Perforating, Inc., we offer window perf for customers in the United States and Canada.