Perforated High-Pressure Laminate

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We can perforate your laminate materials and get great results.

Today, perforated high-pressure laminate materials are used frequently in service corridors, data centers, and other areas that require specific performance characteristics or a durable finish. These areas often require materials that have low static generation and allow for easy access to perform maintenance.

Perforated High-Pressure Laminate

If you require perforated high-pressure laminate for a particular project or to sell to your clients, this is where we come in at IPS Perforating, Inc. We can produce perforated high-pressure laminate for your business, adding perforations that align with your quality standards and allow you to produce a high-quality product. We can perforate most soft goods, including high-pressure laminate, and our perforation designs are nearly limitless.

For us, perforating is so much more than simply punching holes in a material – perforating is an artistic process that enhances the functionality of certain materials and products. We can improve the quality of your high-pressure laminate with even and accurate perforations. Simply give us your material, and we will add perforations according to our agreed-upon timeline and your specific requirements for the project.

From your initial call to the receipt of your perforated material, your experience working with us will be positive and productive. To learn more about how we complete perforated high-pressure laminate projects and our experience perforating this specific type of material, or to get a personalized quote from our team, reach out to us today.

At IPS Perforating, Inc., we offer perforated high-pressure laminate for customers in the United States and Canada.