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We can perforate high-pressure laminate for many applications.

High-pressure laminate is one of the most durable decorative surfaces currently available on the market today. One of the reasons it is so widely used is because of its special performance properties when it comes to chemical, fire, and wear resistance. If you need perforated high-pressure laminate to incorporate into a building or enhancement project, turn to us at IPS Perforating, Inc.

Perforated High-Pressure Laminate in Canada

To produce high-pressure laminate, multiple layers of kraft paper are saturated with phenolic resin. Then, a layer of printed paper is placed on top of the kraft paper before the piece goes for pressing. Because the resulting sandwich of materials is fused together using both extreme pressure and heat, the curing process turns the resin into a plastic.

Although high-pressure laminate is an incredibly strong material, we can still add perforations to it if you need it for a project in Canada. Our innovative perforating machines can pierce hard materials and create even, high-quality perforations. We have over 80 different perforating patterns you can choose from, and we can also customize your pattern if you need something different. Our experience dates back to 2005, so we have a strong track record of managing high-quality perforating projects.

When you need perforated high-pressure laminate, rely on us to provide quality results within a short timeframe. For more information about our perforating processes, or to send us an order of high-pressure laminate to perforate, reach out to us today.

At IPS Perforating, Inc., we offer perforated high-pressure laminate for customers in the United States and Canada.