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Perforated movie screens make your home theater as close to a movie theater as possible.

Creating amazing home theater rooms is gaining in popularity as a home renovation with lasting benefits. Not only can you save on the cost of a movie ticket, but also on the price of the refreshments and the time spent getting to the theater. Entertaining at home has financial savings, but the privacy factor and not having to deal with your feet sticking to the floor has its advantages as well. The key is to try to mimic the video and audio components of a large movie theater and one way to go about that is with a projector and perforated movie screen.

Perforated Movie Screens

At IPS Perforating, Inc., our services include perforated movie screens that will give you several advantages over a normal projector screen. First of all, you may have noticed that in a theater you do not see the front speakers. They aren’t above the screen, below the screen, or to the sides of the screen. They are actually behind it! You can do the same thing with perforated movie screens that are acoustically transparent, so you get the full movie theater experience. An added advantage is you can fit a larger screen in the space because you don’t have to leave room on the sides for speakers.

Perforated movie screens have an advantage over woven screens in that they do not allow as much light to pass through, so you are less likely to notice a double image effect. We have the expertise to create the right size and number of holes so that your home movie experience is impressive. Feel free to give us a call to discuss the projector screen that you have and we’ll be glad to give you a quote and give all the instructions you need to have it safely shipped to us for a transformation to enhance your home theater experience.

FAQs About Perforated Movie Screens

If you are looking to improve your cinematic experience, one way to do so is to replace your movie screens with perforated ones. Below, our team at IPS Perforating, Inc. will go over the answers to a few of our most frequently asked questions on the subject of perforated screens to help you decide if they are right for you.

What are perforated movie screens?

To perforate something means to poke tiny holes in it. A perforated movie screen, therefore, is a screen that has been punctured with thousands of tiny holes.

What are the benefits of perforated movie screens?

There are two main benefits of perforated movie screens over non-perforated ones. First, perforated screens allow sound to pass through them, which allows movie theater designers to place the speakers behind the screens, thus saving space. This also makes perforated screens ideal for home theaters where space is limited. Second, perforated movie screens improve image quality, which makes for a better viewing experience. A perforated screen does not allow as much light to pass through the material as a woven screen does, which means it is less likely to create a double image. Lastly, our perforated screens use an irregular pattern of holes, which means moiré patterns are less likely to form.

What are moiré patterns and how do perforated movie screens prevent them?

When you lay two patterns on top of each other, a third pattern emerges. If you’ve ever looked at two window screens on top of each other, then you’ve seen this effect in the wavy pattern that emerges. This is called a moiré pattern, and this effect can also occur when images projected onto a screen line up with the weave of the screen material itself. As we mentioned, our perforated movie screens have a deliberately irregular pattern of holes, so our screens are far less likely to cause this distracting effect.

At IPS Perforating, Inc., we offer perforated movie screens for customers in the United States and Canada.


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