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Perforated acoustic panels can increase the functionality and enhance the aesthetics of many different indoor settings.

Here at IPS Perforating, we have seen the perforating industry grow exponentially. One of the most common and versatile products we perforate is acoustic panels. Perforated acoustic panels have many applications and uses, from residential settings to many different commercial settings and even industrial settings. If you have flat, nonporous walls in your space, sound is reflected, creating an amplifying and echo effect that can be quite annoying. The perforations keep this from happening. Sound is absorbed and dispersed rather than bouncing back.

Perforated Acoustic Panels

Here are some of the spaces that can benefit from the addition of perforated acoustic panels:

  • Residential uses: Perforated acoustic panels are perfect for the walls and ceilings of home theaters. They can also be used in condos, townhomes and other multifamily residential buildings to reduce sound transfer between units.
  • Commercial uses: Obvious applications include auditoriums, music venues and noisy offices. Other locations that could benefit from perforated acoustic panels include dance studios, hotels, libraries, restaurants and bars, schools, museums and airports.
  • Industrial uses: Most factory settings are quite noisy. Using perforated acoustic panels can keep work areas quieter, which is both safer and more pleasant for those who are working there.

Wood veneer and HPL (High Pressure Laminate) are great material options for perforated acoustic panels because both Wood and HPL are generally sustainable. These panels can come in just about any size or shape needed for your application. We have over 70 different patterns to choose from for your perforations. Acoustic fabric is typically installed on the backs of the panels to increase the performance of the panels. We also have the capacity to micro-perforate acoustic panels, providing the benefits of perforation with numerous, tiny perforations that almost disappear at a normal viewing distance.

When you call us to discuss perforated acoustic panels, we will start by asking you why you need them. That will help us to determine the size and pattern of our recommended design. We will send you a sample for approval, and if approved, we can get started on your perforation project, usually with a lead time of two weeks or less. We have been working in perforation since 2005. We started with a single machine and now have seven machines hard at work to produce all the perforated acoustic panels or other perforated products you need. We help businesses of all sizes, large and small, with both their immediate and long-term needs. We are available for one-time perforation jobs or an ongoing arrangement that continuously provides you with the perforating you need to keep your business going.

Perforated acoustic panels are just one of the products we can perforate for you. We have experience with a wide array of materials, including woven cloth, nonwoven cloth, paper, plastic, leather, artificial leather, vinyl products such as wall coverings, wood veneer, HPL (High Pressure Laminate) and cinema screens. We offer standard perforations and micro-perforations and have custom-designed perforation patterns for many different industries, including automotive, furniture, cinemas, aerospace, graphic arts and even fashion, among others.

Whether you need help with perforated acoustic panels or another perforation project, give us a call today.

At IPS Perforating, Inc., we offer perforated acoustic panels for customers in the United States and Canada.


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