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FAQs About Perforation Services for Entertainment

Our team at IPS Perforating, Inc. works with professionals in a wide variety of industries, including everyone from auto manufacturers to the designers of concert venues. It surprises many people to learn that perforation is used extensively in the entertainment industry, but it is true. If you have questions about the applications of perforation in entertainment, we encourage you to keep reading to get the answers  you are looking for.

What does perforation have to do with entertainment?

Perforation is used extensively in the entertainment industry, particularly in acoustic design. Just about every concert hall, theater, and cinema uses perforated acoustic panels to prevent echoes and control the flow of sound. In addition, movie theaters use perforated screens to ensure the image on screen remains crisp and free of visual artifacts.

How do perforated acoustic panels control sound waves?

In entertainment venues, it’s critical to control the noise level to ensure people can hear what they’re supposed to hear—for example, the people in a concert hall need to be able to hear the musicians. To prevent unwanted sounds from interfering with the important ones, acoustic designers use perforated acoustic panels. When sound waves hit these panels, the small holes break the waves into many smaller waves and send them in different directions, which causes them to peter out quickly and dampens the sound.

Why do projection screens need to be perforated?

There are a few reasons why perforated projection screens are preferred to woven ones in the entertainment industry. They let less light pass through, which decreases the likelihood of getting a double image effect. Conversely, they allow more sound to pass though, which means you can place the speakers behind the screen, saving space. To learn more about the benefits of perforated movie screens, simply reach out to our team.

At IPS Perforating, Inc., we are proud to serve entertainment to our customers in the United States and Canada.


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