Click on our categories of standard hole patterns to view the various options available.  Click a pattern thumbnail for a larger view and more information regarding the hole pattern and spacing.

We have a vast hole pattern selection with variations for many of the standard hole patterns offered to our customers.  We can also customize a perforating pattern to meet any individual needs.  Customization is easy with our team working with you to reach your specific goals/needs.

IPS customers enjoy complete solutions for perforation of all kinds of web & sheet materials.  We provide an economic alternative to expensive in-house perforation.

IPS 3: Hole Diameter 1.5mm
IPS 4: Hole Diameter 1.5mm
IPS 5: Hole Diameter 1.5mm
IPS 7: Hole Diameter 1mm
IPS 18: Hole Diameter 1.3mm
New IPS “P” Pattern Hole Diameter 0.045” (1.143mm)