Why Would You Need Custom Perforating? [infographic]

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At IPS Perforating, Inc., we are here to assist you whenever you need to punch holes in nearly any kind of material. We are skilled and experienced in both precision micro-perforating and precision punch perforating. No matter what your needs are, you can rest assured that we will provide clean holes that are consistent in size and shape every time.

Why Would You Need Custom Perforating?

Custom perforation is necessary for a variety of businesses and industries, but if you are wondering why you would need custom perforating, here are a few examples.

  • Ventilation— Ventilation often goes hand-in-hand with perforation, and that means we get to work closely with HVAC companies. Either through standard perforating or micro-venting, we are able to perforate small holes in soft materials that HVAC companies need for diffusion systems. So if you need to improve airflow for any reason, you may need custom perforating.
  • Acoustics— Custom perforating is commonly used to improve the acoustics in aircrafts, automobiles, buildings, and more. Specifically, holes provide an impressive amount of noise reduction, so custom perforating is useful for industries in which people are exposed to high decibel levels.
  • Decoration— Custom perforating is used for aesthetic as well as practical applications. We perforate textiles, wall coverings, leather, vinyl products, and much more for decorative purposes. We offer a variety of patterns, or we can even customize a pattern to suit your specific tastes.

We are very proud of our custom perforating abilities, and we look forward to meeting your needs.