Custom Perforating: Designs and Uses

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The process of perforation is the cutting of holes into a surface at regular intervals. Perforations are used in many applications, from wood to leather, and not only provide functional benefits but aesthetic advantages as well. Some of the materials that benefit from custom perforating include:

  • Custom perforating not only adds to the design interest when it comes to leather, but also offers superior breathability. Perforated leather bags, furniture, shoes, car seats, steering wheels and many other leather materials are becoming more common.

Custom Perforating: Designs and Uses

  • Glass doors and windows can become prime advertising methods for businesses. The hole patterns for perforated film are nearly limitless and when you have custom perforating done on window displays and other storefront signage, you are sure to attract the attention of potential customers.
  • Perforations in foil are often seen in the packaging industry and allow for packages to be opened more easily. Custom perforating designs that are unique to a brand add to the look of the packaging and help to sell more product. In the insulation industry, foil perforating is used to create a radiant barrier in attic spaces. Perforations allow the space to breathe and prevent moisture from getting trapped.
  • Perforated vinyl on glass in offices and conference rooms enables you to see outside but also provides the privacy you need to conduct business. Advertising on fleet vehicles allows you to promote your business while not hindering driving ability.

As you can see, there are many applications when it comes to custom perforating. If you think your business could benefit from custom perforating, please give us a call at IPS Perforating, Inc. today. We would love to hear from you!