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You will love the appearance and benefits of perforated automotive seats.

Automotive modifications are in high demand, especially those that make vehicles more comfortable and stylish and have other benefits. If you own a garage in Canada that deals with customers who want to upgrade their car seats, an option that you can offer them is perforated automotive seats. Here at IPS Perforating, Inc., we help you differentiate yourself from other modification professionals by offering your customers a personalized design in the pattern of their perforated automotive seats.

Perforated Automotive Seats in Canada
If you want us to help you create perforated automotive seats, just carefully remove the material from the vehicle and ship it to us with instructions about what pattern you want. Alternatively, you could send us new leather or faux-leather and then cut it to fit after it has been perforated. In either case, you can choose from our more than 80 pre-designed options or go with something unique. We are happy to work with your customers to create a design they love.

Your customers will love the appearance and benefits of their perforated automotive seats, including improved breathability, luxurious feel, staying cooler during the summer, sound absorption to reduce road noise, and a less slippery feel. You can count on the precision of our work to impress them and make you look good.

We are happy to discuss the specifics of our services to create perforated automotive seats and provide you with a quote for an upcoming project you have as an individual doing your own automotive upgrade or as a garage specializing in this service.

At IPS Perforating, Inc., we offer perforated automotive seats for customers in the United States and Canada.