Why Your Hotel, Motel or B&B Should Consider Perforated Wall Coverings

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If you are in the process of upgrading some or all of the rooms in your hotel, motel, or B&B, you may be looking at a variety of options for wallcoverings. While the most budget-friendly option is a fresh coat of paint, that isn’t an option if you are looking to upgrade your image along with your establishment. Today’s travelers are very savvy when it comes to what qualifies for an A+ review, and that means putting a bit more of an investment into every aspect of your renovation. One material that you should consider perforating is wall coverings. Not only will they add a unique texture and appearance to your walls, but they have other benefits, as well.

chance for mold is perforated wall coverings

If you are located in a high-humidity climate, you probably find yourself battling mold, especially in bathrooms. An ideal option to reduce the chance for mold is perforated wall coverings created with a micro-venting technique that creates tiny pinholes that allow moisture to escape, and the airflow helps to keep things dry. If you do not care for the appearance of standard perforation, ask about micro-venting, which is nearly imperceptible to the naked eye. A company that provides custom perforating can produce one of dozens of different patterns to get you the results that best suit your material, needs and preferences.

Whether you put perforated wall coverings on all walls, just in bathrooms, or to create an accent wall in each room or in common areas, turn to us at IPS Perforating, Inc. for quality perforating that is created to your specific needs. We have experience in perforating Type I and Type II vinyl wallcoverings and more than 70 pattern choices, as well as the option to customize a pattern, to get you superior results for your hotel, motel, or B&B. Call today to learn more.