How Perforation is Used in the Entertainment Industry [infographic]

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Our team at IPS Perforating, Inc. specializes in perforating materials all kinds, and we work with clients from many different industries, including entertainment. In our experience, many people are confused about how our services are relevant to entertainment professionals, so we have put together this article to shed some light on the matter. Below, we will provide an overview of the two main applications of perforation in the entertainment industry: namely, projection screens and acoustic panels.

How Perforation is Used in the Entertainment Industry

  • Projection Screens – One type of product our team is called on to perforate again and again is projection screens. Perforating the screen serves several purposes. To start with, the holes allow sound waves to pass through, which makes it possible to place the speakers behind the screen and also allows you to make the screen bigger. Second, perforated screens are less likely to create a double-image effect, as less light is able to pass through than with a woven screen. Finally, the holes in a perforated screen are specifically designed to be as random as possible, which means they are less likely to create moiré patterns with any images on the screen.
  • Acoustic Panels – The other key application for perforation in the entertainment industry is in acoustic design. When designing a concert hall, movie theater, or other performance venue, it’s important to make sure sound from the stage carries throughout the auditorium, while sounds from other areas are minimized. To do this, designers use perforated acoustic panels to break up the sound waves coming from certain directions—as a sound wave hits the holes, it will break up into many smaller waves pointed in different directions. These smaller waves will quickly run out of energy and fade away, letting the performer or speaker on stage be clearly heard.

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