How Perforated Designs Helps You Achieve Your Goals

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There are all kinds of reasons you might need perforated materials for your business. From storefront decals to leather automotive seats to perforated movie screens, perforated materials are ideal for many applications.

How Perforated Designs Helps You Achieve Your Goals

So, how does perforation help you achieve your goals? It’s much more than just punching holes in various materials. At IPS Perforating, Inc., we believe you’ll enjoy these advantages when you choose us for your perforated design needs.

  • Custom Designs – One of the most important things we can do for you as you choose to have materials perforated is offer custom designs. This ensures that the right type of perforation is applied in the right way, so you can maximize the results of your material application. If you aren’t sure what type of perforated design you need, let us know your intended use, and we can help determine the best solution.
  • Many Materials – We work with many kinds of materials, including leather, vinyl, window film, wood veneers, wall coverings, textiles, home theater screens, foil, graphics, aircraft seating, and more. Whatever your perforated design needs may be, we are likely to be able to offer the perforating services required.
  • Great Results – Once you’ve approved our sample perforated design, we can continue to provide consistent, quality perforating services that give you the great results you need. Whether you’re outfitting new cars with leather seating or are planning a new marketing campaign using window films, we are confident you’ll achieve the best outcomes when you choose us for perforated design.

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