6 Reasons People Love Perforated Leather Car Seats [infographic]

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More and more vehicle owners now prefer owning a car with perforated leather seats. Why? It comes down to the many benefits of perforated automotive leather. Here are just a few of the benefits of perforate automotive leather:

1.  Increased Resale Value—You probably won’t keep your car forever, so when you go to sell, you want the best possible price for it. Having perforated leather seats can help you get more for your car than one without this feature.

6 Reasons People Love Perforated Leather Car Seats [infographic]

2.  Sound Absorption—It’s hard to enjoy driving with road sounds reverberating through the cabin. Perforated leather seats can help absorb some of the noise from the road down below.

3.  Luxurious Look & Feel—No matter the car, perforated leather seats add a subtle touch of luxury. They also give the car’s interior a modern, sleek look.

4.  Cooler During the Summer—If you’ve ever sat in a smooth leather car seat during the summer, you know how uncomfortable it is for your back and thighs if you stick to the seat. Perforated leather helps circulate air through the seat, which can help you stay cooler when you drive.

5.  Easier Temperature Control—If your car has a regulated seat cooling or heating system, the perforations will help your seat get to the desired temperature much faster.

6.  Reduced Slipping—Smooth leather seats are slippery, making it harder to stay securely in your seat when you go around turns or speed up. On the other hand, perforated leather seats reduce this slippage for a more comfortable ride.