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Perforated leather has enhanced breathability and can add design interest to a variety of products to be sold in the United States and beyond.

Leather is a fantastic, versatile material that has been used by humans for a very long time. It is durable and used to make a number of quality products like shoes, bags, car seats and furniture. One of the disadvantages of leather is that it isn’t very breathable. Perforated leather can take care of this problem. If you prefer to use alternative materials like vinyl or artificial leather, those can be perforated as well.

Perforated Leather in United States

Perforated leather has several advantages over non-perforated leather:

  • Breathability: Perforating the leather allows air to flow through the material, potentially making it more comfortable and versatile.
  • Aesthetics: Perforations can add an interesting pattern and beauty to leather products.
  • Ventilation: Leather car seats are often fitted with climate control systems. Perforating the leather allows this heated (or cooled) air to escape the car seats more easily, making the occupants of the car more comfortable.

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