What’s the Point of Perforated Movie Screens?

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Many people are surprised to learn that the movie screens they have come to love are actually full of holes! As a matter of fact, perforated movie screens have been in use for some time, and for good reason. As the movie industry has advanced its screen and sound practices, perforated movie screens have helped enhance the audience experience.

What’s the Point of Perforated Movie Screens?

So, what’s the point in having a perforated movie screen? The primary reason is to aid in the sound experience for the viewer. For example, strategic perforations allow sound to carry through the speaker system to make it sound like voices and sound effects are coming from specific areas on the screen. This makes the movie experience more believable as audience members become engrossed in the storyline.

Movie theaters likely keep their perforated movie screens up for long periods of time, so who else would need this type of screen? With the construction of home theaters on the rise, homeowners want to ensure that they can get the same or better quality movie-watching experience as they would if they were at the actual theater. Thus, perforated movie screens have become essential for those building home theaters.

It’s important to note that perforated movie screens aren’t always one-size-fits-all. In fact, depending on the location of the audience member to the screen and the type of sound system, the perforations can play a role in the effectiveness of the viewing experience. Home theater viewers may need something different than those attending a movie screening at the movie theater in town.

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