What is Perforating? [infographic]

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Material perforating refers to the process of creating a series of small holes or openings in a material to alter its appearance, functionality, or physical properties. The holes can be arranged in different patterns or configurations, depending on your preferences.

What is Perforating?

At IPS Perforating, Inc., we provide high-quality, consistent perforating services with fast turnaround times. We provide perforating services to a variety of industries, and our perforating work helps achieve these purposes for different projects:

  • Functionality—Perforations can make certain materials more functional. For example, if portions of a material need to be separated through tear-off sections following purchase, perforations can make this easier.
  • Aesthetics—Perforations can add an artistic or decorative element to materials. With perforations, you can add interesting textures, visual patterns, and designs, enhancing the appearance of the material.
  • Acoustic properties—In materials like acoustic panels, perforations can be placed strategically to diffuse or absorb sound waves.
  • Ease of Use—Perforations are used on a regular basis for packaging materials. For example, perforations are often added to cardboard boxes to allow for easy opening without the need for excessive force or tools.
  • Breathability—Perforations can make a material more lightweight and breathable. For example, in the automotive industry, perforations are often added to vehicle seat leather to make the material more breathable and comfortable to sit on.