Materials We Can Perforate for Any Design Project [infographic]

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We regularly do perforation work for the hospitality and design industries at IPS Perforating, Inc. The following are some of the materials we frequently perforate for our clients in these industries.

Materials We Can Perforate for Any Design Project

  • High-pressure laminate—Add a unique design to your high-pressure laminate with professional perforation work. We can perforate nearly any type of high-pressure laminate, regardless of its thickness.
  • Solar panels—To make your solar panels as reflective as possible, they must be perforated. We can add perforations to solar panel materials before you install them on your clients’ homes.
  • Wall coverings—Perforated wall coverings can add aesthetic interest to any room. Ask us about the different types of wall coverings and materials we can work with.
  • Wallpaper—Wallpaper that boasts perforations is an interesting and unique addition to a space. We can perforate wallpaper in bulk, so you can distribute it to your clients ready for application.
  • Wood veneer—Perforated wood veneer products offer acoustic as well as aesthetic benefits. Many of our clients use perforated wood veneer for ceiling and wall coverings.
  • Window perf—A type of adhesive-backed vinyl, window perf blocks vision from the outside, allowing for greater privacy inside a building. If you have window perf in production and need it perforated, send us your material.