Improve Acoustics, Airflow, Adhesion, and Aesthetics With Perforations

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At IPS Perforating, Inc., we can help you with any perforation project you have. We serve multiple industries, including the automotive, solar, aircraft, entertainment, acoustics, and high-tech materials industries.

What is Perforation

One thing we want to point out is what a difference perforation makes with acoustics. Before a material is perforated, soundwaves are reflected. After perforation, they’re absorbed, improving the overall sound performance in a room.

We are specialists in die-cut perforation, which consists of creating a precision die ground set of male plates with male pins and a female plate with holes. The material is essentially sheared by the sharp, flat outside edge of the male round pin and the sharp edge of the female receiving plate.

We also offer micro-perforating or micro-venting to improve the appearance and permeability of wall coverings. Perforations are decorative and used to improve airflow and acoustical quality. Ventilation of many materials is improved by using tiny pinholes known as micro-venting. Micro-vented holes are virtually invisible to the naked eye, and micro-venting wallcoverings mitigates mold and mildew, and also allows vapor or gas to permeate the material.

When you want to improve acoustics, airflow, adhesion, or aesthetics, or if you simply need materials perforated for a manufacturing project, we have the experience to help. Contact us today!