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We have the experience and equipment needed to turn your wood veneer into perforated wood veneer perfect for acoustical applications.

Perforated Wood Veneer in United States When it comes to perforated wood veneer, the most important component is that it performs as intended. This is because it is most often used in the acoustical industry. Common applications for perforated wood veneer include ceiling panels, speaker systems, and sound panels in theaters and other spaces that rely on good acoustics to achieve the desired experience. To perform as intended, it is imperative that the perforations in wood veneer are generated accurately and uniformly throughout the material.

At IPS Perforating, Inc., we have the experience and equipment needed to turn your wood veneer into perforated wood veneer that’s perfect for acoustical applications. We can perforate to satisfy your one-time or ongoing needs, with the goal of always exceeding your expectations and meeting any agreed-upon timelines. We are confident that our perforations can help enhance the acoustical possibilities of your wood veneer, as well as add an aesthetic element. We offer both standard cut-out holes and much smaller pin holes, which are sometimes referred to as porolating or micro-venting.

Wherever you are located in the United States, contact us to discuss your purposes and ideas. The more we know about why you want perforated wood veneer, the better we can match our design suggestions to your specific needs and application. We have an array of options, including dozens of available patterns. We can also create a custom pattern that meets your requirements for function and aesthetics. We have been creating perforations since 2005, so give us a call now and discuss your needs for perforated wood veneer or other materials.

At IPS Perforating, Inc., we offer perforated wood veneers for customers in the United States and Canada.