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Perforating is MUCH more than just punching holes in objects, perforating is artistic and functional.   Stop and look around your home and office, you will experience a sort of epiphany, soon noticing various forms of perforation in your personal and professional world.

Perforations are decorative, used to improve air flow, and improve acoustical quality.

acoustics-room4 Ventilation of many materials is improved by using cut out holes (standard perforating) or the tiny pin holes known as Micro Venting or Porolating.  Today, perforations are used for acoustical treatments on aircraft, automobiles, building design, and wherever sound decibel levels need to be reduced.  IPS has the expertise in perforating of woven and non-woven cloth and paper, thin-gauge metal foil, plastic, leather hides, wall covering,  wood veneer, vinyl products, and we even perforate cinema screens. The automotive, fashion, furniture, graphic arts, movie screen, medical, aerospace, and commercial industries all benefit from perforations. The possibilities are endless!  We are exited to announce we now have available-  102″ wide perforating capability!

Toll Perforating services incorporates style into a variety of applications and provides numerous uses that are generally overlooked. Just a few of the materials we can perforate include:

* Wood Veneer                            * Vinyl Wall covering

*Type 1 and Type II Wall covering

* Leather Hides                           * Artificial Leather

* Textiles                                       * Projection Screens

* Micro-Perforated Acoustical Panels             * Film

* Plastics                                       *Home Theater Screens

* Aircraft seating                        * Foil

* Banners                                     * Graphics

* Non-Wovens                            *Cinema Screens

*Window film                              *Apparel

*Medical                                        *Filters

…. and more!

At IPS, we have immense expertise in precision punch perforating and precision micro perforating of an enormous array of materials with a large variety of patterns.  We work with all businesses, large or small to fulfill their immediate or long term needs of perforating.  Our toll perforating can be done on either roll to roll or sheet materials, perforated with visible or invisible patterns.

From initial call to final receipt of the finished materials, our team works with you.

The dedication we employ into every order is evident, in that we provide you with the materials that will exceed both you and your customers’ expectations.